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Shannon's expertise in residential mortgage lending spans more than 20 years. Beginning on the ground floor of the wholesale side of lending, Shannon subsequently succeeded as a loan officer, account manager, and account executive while working for one of the nation's largest mortgage lenders. In contrast to those who chose to leave the mortgage industry when the Los Angeles housing market began to spiral in 2008; Shannon's passion for helping others to become homeowners remained firmly intact. In fact the changes in the market and new lending laws made her want to help homebuyers to navigate the new rules of real estate lending more than ever. As such, she chose to transition to the retail side of real estate financing in effort to work closer with families, veterans, and those who had previous financial hardships to achieve their goals of home ownership. As a homeowner and real estate investor, Shannon's personal experience in obtaining mortgage loans for her own purchases is extensive. She has bought and sold multiple properties and continues to invest in real estate throughout Los Angeles County. Shannon's specialization and breadth of experience in real estate purchase loans enables her to offer standard/conventional loans, government loans, hard money loans, and specialty/portfolio products.